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Password Management

Note: If you are a new Wheaton employee or student you must setup your initial password. Passwords for applicants cannot be changed.

New passwords must follow these rules ...

  • must contain at least 8 characters and no more than 15
  • can only contain letters and numbers
  • must contain at least 1 capital letter and at least 2 numbers
  • cannot be a password you have used before
  • must be reset every 6 months

Important considerations: If you use WebFOCUS or Banner, as soon as you change your password you should log into insideWheaton using your new password and click on the Banner link. This will synchronize your email, Banner, and WebFOCUS passwords.

If you use the Chrome web browser, after you change your password the next time to you try and log into either OnCourse or insideWheaton it will hang up. You must first log into either OnCourse or insideWheaton using a different browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox) and then from that point on you will be able to use Chrome again to access these services.

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